Preview: WFTBO w/Twin Jude & guest dj Hannah Burris

Here at the Big One blog, we’d like to think EVERY edition of DC’s monthly left-of-center music night WE FOUGHT THE BIG ONE is special. However, this Friday’s WFTBO is why the word special was invented.

For starters, the enigmatic and magical TWIN JUDE is playing…

Twin Jude pic

Who is TWIN JUDE? In the words of the artist herself, TWIN JUDE is “an experimental, interdisciplinary artist continually moving throughout the portal that is Washington DC.” In the Washington City Paper’s 2018 People Issue, Matt Cohen referred to TWIN JUDE as “one of D.C.’s most innovative artists.”

Pop over to TWIN JUDE’s bandcamp page and click play. It’s immediately apparent that TWIN JUDE occupies a unique aesthetic and vibe all her own. The track “lvr bby blu” encapsulates her appeal — evocative melodies that drift in and out of the sonic ether, leaving an aroma of erotic sensuality, melancholy and longing.

TWIN JUDE has been taking a break from playing live to focus on making new music. This Friday’s show marks a welcome return to the stage for her. Watching her performance from the cozy confines of the Marx Cafe will be next level awesome.

And then there’s the records. What would WFTBO be without records? Brandon and I are bringing loads of new and old favorites to play, and we’re especially chuffed that HANNAH BURRIS (Teething Veils/Coven Tree/Tadzio) will be joining us behind the turntables.


HANNAH is best known in DC’s underground music scene for her unmistakable artistry with the viola. She has become an integral part of every music project she is involved in — whether it’s adding layers of emotion to Greg Svitil’s stellar songwriting in TEETHING VEILS, partnering with the talented Alexia Gabriella in COVEN TREE to weave together viola, cello and electronics, or providing an extra level of majesty to the dazzling sounds of TADZIO.

But here’s the thing — HANNAH is one of us. She’s a record geek. Every time she djs, I learn about an amazing record I hadn’t heard before. Brandon and I can’t wait to hear what she’ll be playing Friday night at the Marx Cafe

Won’t you join us?

Friday, June 7
w/Twin Jude
& guest dj Hannah Burris
@Marx Cafe
3203 Mt. Pleasant St NW
10pm – 3:00am
FB event page







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