Don’t Miss: Seventh Stanine Festival@RhizomeDC

Reason number 3,465 to love RhizomeDC — the celebrated DIY house show venue is once again hosting the Seventh Stanine Festival, the annual live music festival curated by DC’s avant-psych pop weirdos The Caribbean.

The festival is happening Saturday, July 15th from 2:00pm to 11:00pm. I’m not going to tell you how to spend your precious weekend hours, but you really should consider going if it’s not already on your radar. The previous two were phenomenal and this year’s event looks equally impressive.

Attendees will get to see performances from Tristan Welch, Jon Camp, TONE, Kamyar Armani of Time Is Fire, Chad Clark & Erin Nelson of Beauty Pill, Mike Shirley and of course, The Caribbean.

Speaking of Mike Shirley, not only will he perform live, but his 24 hour-long “Tetracosa” will play continuously throughout the festival in an upstairs room, in a completely immersive environment.

Usually I’m not a fan of music festivals. I don’t like big crowds or festival venues. Seventh Stanine is the music festival for people who don’t like music festivals. The lineups are always idiosyncratic and interesting. The attendees are there for the right reasons. The vibe is chill and relaxed. It’s a great opportunity to hang out, make new friends and hear some amazing music.

Thank you Matt Byars, Dave Jones and Michael Kentoff for showing us all the right way to put on a music festival!

Check out the Spotify playlist of this year’s artists.

$20 suggested donation (100% of proceeds go to artists and Rhizome)

DJ sets by Marc Masters, Jim Thomson and Josh Harkavey

Full schedule here:

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