YouTube Playlist: WFTBO Aug 2019

The August 2, 2019 edition of WE FOUGHT THE BIG ONE is packed with great guests — Detroit’s excellent indie pop trio DEADBEAT BEAT, who are releasing their new album, “How Far,” Baltimore singer-songwriter savant HOTHEAD, and DC’s underground music scene photographic documentarian AHMAD Z. Plus, WE FOUGHT THE BIG ONE DJs Rick and Brandon.

Naturally, if you’re going to put on a special event with so many music makers and record collectors, it stands to reason that you ask them all to collaborate on a YouTube Playlist. Presented below is a selection of tracks curated for your listening pleasure. Extra props to Laurie Spector who actually provided commentary for her selections.



DEADBEAT BEAT (Maria, Alex and Zak)

HOTHEAD (Laurie)

Laurie: I checked out Wynonna Judd out of curiosity after hearing this great Cocaine and Rhinestones podcast episode about her insane life. A lot of her songs are really cheesy ballads I can’t get into but a few are upbeat and poppy, and this one sounds to me like it could have easily been one of those late 80s/early 90s classic pop songs if it was just produced differently. People seem to have largely written modern-day country off as irrelevant and bad but country was just as much at the forefront of rock ‘n roll as the blues were… it started well, there’s a cool legacy there and there are some great genre traditions that have carried through the years. Country has treated its women pretty well if you think about all the majorly successful country stars that made a career singing about their independence and strength in the face of adversity. I’m sure there was discrimination going on behind the scenes like all industries, but the archetypes accepted and celebrated in pop culture matter a lot, and country music celebrates its rebellious independent women. Wynonna is definitely one of those.

Laurie: I don’t usually have favorite “songs of the year” or anything like that but I’ve listened to this song so many times since it was released earlier this year. I love it in that way where it’s almost too much to bear, when you think “wow how could something like a song mean so much to me.” Somehow it encapsulates a lot about how I’ve felt lately. It’s bittersweet but more sweet than bitter, with an incredible energy that always makes me feel better about not feeling good. Hard to explain, but it’s my gem.

Laurie: Joe from Don Giovanni told me about this band when we were at SXSW this year. He just put out their album. This song is from their last album and I listened to it on repeat for pretty much the entire ride home to DC from Austin. So good.

Laurie: Alla Pugacheva is a massive Russian pop star I came across while studying Russian in college. She’s glamorous and iconic. For me she’s something like a cross between Kate Bush and Barbra Streisand. A true performer. Very famous and well-loved in Russia, it’s fun to just put her name into YouTube and watch what comes up.

Laurie: I just checked out David Berman’s new album and I really liked it. My vibe is he’s just gotten more vulnerable and less snarky as he’s gotten older, which I like. My favorite Silver Jews album was the last one cause I found it kind of sweet and silly. I guess it’s the only one I really connected to. This one’s pretty down but I love that contrast of the darkness of the content with his lyrical playfulness and bright sounding music. It’s like that amazing thing that happens when you make art or experience art while you’re feeling horrible… you start to like the thing that came from horror and it turns the bad thing into something you can live with.

WFTBO DJs (Rick & Brandon)

Like what you’re hearing? Want more? Check out WE FOUGHT THE BIG ONE at the Marx Cafe (3203 Mt. Pleasant St NW, Washington DC 20010) every first Friday of the month!

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