YouTube Playlist: WFTBO June 2019

The June 2019 edition of WE FOUGHT THE BIG ONE was an especially memorable event. Not only were we treated to a live set from one of our favorite local artists — TWIN JUDE — Brandon and I had the pleasure of spinning records with HANNAH BURRIS from DC’s COVEN TREE, TEETHING VEILS and TADZIO.

For your summer listening enjoyment, here is a 10 track YouTube playlist inspired by our dj sets, followed by a complete set list. Happy listening!

Stanton Miranda — “Wheels Over Indian Trails” (1986, Factory Benelux)

Tones on Tail — “Lions” (1984, Beggars Banquet)

Simple Minds — “This Fear of Gods” (1980, Zoom Records)

Flasher — “Pressure” (2018, Domino)

Sneaks — “Hong Kong to Amsterdam” (2019, Merge Records)

Danielle Dax — “Cold Sweat”

Fad Gadget — “Lady Shave”

Human League – “The Black Hit of Space”

Pussyfoot — “Dancer Dance”

A.C. Marias — “One of Our Girls Has Gone Missing”

Below is a (nearly?) complete list of tracks we played on June 7th…

Brandon set #1:
Kongas – Anikana-O
Stanton Miranda — Wheels Over Indian Trails
Nancy Nova — The Force
Danielle Dax — Cold Suit
Flash and the Pan — Midnight Man
Disco Circus — Over and Over

Hannah set:
Tony Cruise — Replica
Sir EU — Ocean
Sneaks — Hong Kong to Amsterdam
Ultrabeauty – Powerade
Abdu Ali – F.U.F.M.
Bend – Baby
Gauche – Running
Tony Cruise — Paid
Moor Mother — deadbeat protest
Go Cozy – Body Boarding
Kelow Latesha — Can’t Loose
Broncho — Big City Boys
Flasher — Pressure
Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood – Morning After
Br’er — Help Me Live
Hailu Mergia — Hailu
Xiu Xiu — Amargi ve Moo

Rick set:
Savant – Using Words
Comsat Angels – Be Brave
Colin Newman — I’ve Waited Ages
A.C. Marias — One of Our Girls Has Gone Missing
Human League — The Black Hit of Space
Jeff & Jane Hudson – Los Alamos
Can – Oh Yeah
Vivien Goldman — Launderette
Tones on Tail – Lions
Cocteau Twins — The Spangle Maker

Brandon set #2:
The Dance – Do Yourself A Favor
Chrisma – U (12 inch)
Simple Minds – This Fear of Gods
Pussyfoot – Dancer Dance
I’m So Hollow – Touch
Disco Circus – Over and Over
Drowning Craze – Storage Case
Fad Gadget – Lady Shave
Alien Sex Fiend – Hurricane Fighter Plane
Dead or Alive – Flowers
Tantra — Hills of Katmandu

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